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FREE Online YouTube to GIF Converter

GIFs are basically short animated videos that have become very popular among social media users. It can be used for creating memes, funny clips, and much more.

A GIF file has a file extension of .gif. In layman terms, it is a file format of storing images that combines various images or frames into a single file. Quite different to the JPEG file format, GIF compresses the images using LZW encoding which doesn’t interfere with the quality of the image. The GIF format was introduced by Steve Wilhite in 1987. Here is an interesting question – how do you pronounce GIF? Do you say jif or gif? Although most people pronounce it as gif, the inventor of this file format insisted that it should be pronounced as jif.

If you're a frequent user of YouTube, then it happens that you might want to convert a part of that video to GIF. This is why we have created this free YouTube to GIF converter that allows you to easily and quickly convert YouTube videos to GIF format without any hassle.

Using this tool is completely free without any restrictions. It is simple to use and straightforward, and to ensure privacy, the source video and the GIF are deleted automatically one hour after conversion.

How to Convert YouTube Video to GIF

Here's how you can convert any YouTube video to GIF using our tool:

  1. First thing's first, open the YouTube video which you wish to convert and copy its link.
  2. Paste the link of the YouTube video into the search box above and then press the Search button.
  3. Once the video is found, it's preview will appear along with a set of editing options. Select the start and end time of the GIF and then click the convert button.
  4. Now sit back and relax while the video is converted to GIF. Once done, the download button appears. Simply click on it to download and save the GIF file to your computer/device.

This is the entire process of converting any of your favorite videos from YouTube to GIF. Honestly, it couldn't be any simpler than this.