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About URL Encoder & URL Decoder Tool

Our online tool allows you to easily convert strings into URL encoded format. All you have to do is to input a string into the textbox and the tool will do the job for you.

Similarly, this tool serves as a URL decoder as well. All you have to do is to click the 'Decode' button after inputing an encoded string and the tool will instantly decode it and display it in human readable format without any percentage encodings.

What is URL Encoding?

In order to understand URL encoding, it is first important to understand that URL strings are made up of acceptable characters from the ASCII character set. These include letters A-Z, digits from 0 to 9, and a limited set of special characters such as "-", ".", and "_". If URLs contain characters that do not belong to the ASCII character set, then they have to be encoded into a format that will be understood by all browsers and servers.

URL encoding is the process of replacing unsafe and non-ASCII characters in a URL with a percentage "%" followed by two hexadecimal digits. The percentage character is used as an escape character.

  • Reserved characters: these are characters that have special meanings, such as "?"" which is used for passing parameters via the HTTP GET method. These characters have to be encoded when used in URLS. Other examples of reserved include *, /, :, #, &, and @.
  • Unsage characters: characters like <. >, {, }, are unsafe and have to be encoded when used in a URL.
  • Non-ASCII characters: if a URL contains a character that isn't part of ASCII, then it has to be encoded.

What is URL Decoding?

As the name implies, URL decoding is the process of converting encoded URLs and string into a format that is human readable. It helps to decode parameters passed by HTML forms and parse query string in URLs. With this tool, you can instantly decode URLs to retrieve the actual query string and path parameters along with their values.