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About JSON Formatter & JSON Validator tool

Our JSON formatter tool is one of the best tools out there that allows you to format JSON data, parse, view, edit, and beautify it instantly. As a developer, we tend to deal with a lot of API endpoints that return JSON data. These data are always unformatted and hard to read, which is where our tool comes in to save your day.

Using this tool is very simple and straightforward. Simply paste the JSON content into the textbox above and press the format button. Our system will automatically format the JSON data as well as validate it to make sure that it doesn't contain any syntax errors. Once done, a well formatted JSON data will be displayed immediately.

This tool serves for the following purposes:

  • Format JSON data
  • Beautify JSON
  • Parse and view JSON data in human readable format
  • Validate JSON and find out exactly where the syntax errors are

What is JSON?

JSON, short for Javascript Object Notation, is a way for developers to store data in an organized and easy to read manner. It is mainly used for transfering data from a server to the webpage or used in APIs to transfer and display data from the server. JSON is made up of a collection of key-value pairs.

Storing JSON Data

As mentioned earlier, JSON uses key-value pairs to organize and store data. Here's an example:

  • name: "Jason"
  • gender: "male"
  • age: "20"
  • country: "United States"

As can be seen from the example above, the data consists of key-value pairs where the value can be a string, integer, boolean, or another nested JSON data.