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GIF has become very popular in the past few years and as the trend continues to rise, more and more people are starting to use it within chats, social media, and many other platforms as a way to show their expression in visual manner.

We've created this online gif maker tool to allow anyone to easily and quickly convert videos to GIF and use them anywhere without any restriction. Our tool is straightforward and simple to use, 100% free, and without any restrictions. Moreover, to ensure privacy, the source video and the GIF are deleted one hour after conversion.

What is a GIF?

The chances are high that you have already heard about GIFs. They are widely used on social media and blogs, and go viral within a short span of time. So what exactly are they? Let’s find out.

A GIF file has a file extension of .gif. In layman terms, it is a file format of storing images that combines various images or frames into a single file. Quite different to the JPEG file format, GIF compresses the images using LZW encoding which doesn’t interfere with the quality of the image. The GIF format was introduced by Steve Wilhite in 1987.

Here is an interesting question – how do you pronounce GIF? Do you say jif or gif? Although most people pronounce it as gif, the inventor of this file format insisted that it should be pronounced as jif.

Advantages of GIF

  • Small file size

    One of the advantages of a GIF file is that they are small in size, specifically when compared to other similar file formats. This is one of the reasons why GIFs are gaining wide popularity online. They can easily be loaded without losing quality.

  • Convey messages better

    Since GIFs make use of animations, and movements, they are capable of expressing the emotions and communicating far better than a regular image. Younger audiences, particularly, love using GIFs and are able to connect to them better.

Disadvantages of GIF

  • Limited color pattern

    A GIF file can only use a color palette consisting of 256 colors. This is the reason why some images look poorer when compared to other image files. Not only this, but some GIFs also look pixelated and blocky.

  • Editing is tough

    Another limitation of a GIF file is that they are tough to animate. Once you have assimilated all the images, and have animated them, it is tough to edit the file. If you need to edit, you will need to start from the very beginning, even to make small adjustments to your file.

How to Convert Video to GIF

Here's how you can convert your favorite videos to GIF:

  1. Drag and drop or browse and select the video file which you'd like to convert to GIF.
  2. Once the video is uploaded successfully, a number of editing options will be displayed. Select the part of the video which you'd like to convert to GIF (using the start and end time textbox), then click the Convert button.
  3. Now sit back and relax while your video is converted to GIF. Once done, the download button appears. Simply click on it to download and save the GIF file to your computer/device.

This is the entire process of converting any of your favorite videos to GIF and it can't be any simpler than this. We strive to make the best and perfect GIF creation tool.

Which video formats are supported?

Our tool currently supports the following video formats for converting to GIF:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • FLV
  • WEBM
  • M4V
  • WMV
  • 3GP

Although a GIF file occupies less space, you can further optimize it with the help of tips given below:

  • Limit the number of colors in your animation. Colors like black and white can help you limit the space occupied when compared to bright and intense shades that take up more space.
  • If you are using images in your animated GIF, it is highly recommended to overlay it to reduce the number of colors.
  • Reducing the number of images frame by frame will also help you in controlling the size of your GIF.

GIF file format is highly popular – whether it is email communication, social media, blogs, websites, or anything else. Make the most out of them, if you have not already.