Character Counter

Free tool to count number of characters in a text


About Character Counter Tool

Keeping track of the number of characters is essential in many scenarious, especially when posting to social media websites, such as Twitter which limits the number of characters per post. This tool is also essential to SEO experts who want to make sure that their webpage title and meta description doesn't exceed the characters limit specified by Google.

Our free character counter tool is the perfect tool built for you to count the total number of characters present in a piece of text. Moreover, it also displays the number of words, paragraphs, and sentences available in the text.

Using this online character counter is pretty straightforward and simple. Copy an entire text from an article, document, or anywhere else and then paste it into the textbox above. Alternatively, you can type into the textbox. The total characters count and all other statistics will be displayed to you right away in realtime. Moreover, the editor will update in realtime as you add, edit, or delete text as you type.